At least two people are required for assembly.

1. Hold the blue side frames upright.

2. Starting at the bottom, attach the support beams to the blue side frames at preferred shelf heights.

3. Push the support beams downward to lock them fully into the blue side frames. A rubber mallet (not included) may be used to ensure support beams are pushed fully down ensuring they are fully locked into the blue side frames.

4. Once all shelves are fully locked into the blue side frames at your preferred shelf heights, use the screws supplied to fasten the support beams permanently onto the blue side frames. One screw should be used on each end of each support beam. Insert each screw through the round screw hole toward the end of each support beam and screw it into the corresponding hole in each blue side frame.

5. Now that all support beams are properly attached to the blue side frames, place the flat shelf panels down onto the support beams to complete your shelving system.

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